September 3

AcuStretch Class at Westbrook

AcuStretch Class Mar 7th & 21st @ 3 p.m. @ Westbrook. Limited spots available.

On March 7th and 21st, Alex Broderick (our personal trainer) and Elmira Olson (our acupuncturist) will be holding an acupuncture-stretch class at REP Physio’s Westbrook location.

We will be doing gentle stretching combined with acupuncture with the goal of relaxation and stress relief. Our class will be held at 3pm for 90 minutes with a cost of $25 plus GST.


  • If you have never had acupuncture before, please arrive 10 minutes early so Elmira can talk to you for a few minutes.
  • If you have a yoga mat, please bring it along.

You can call 780-244-1095 to book your spot. There is limited availability so please call ahead.

For the past couple months, Alex (Personal Trainer) and Elmira (Registered Acupuncturist) have been running an Acupuncture-Stretch class at REP Physio! This 90-minute Acupuncture-Stretch class consists of 10 to 15 minute stretching bouts, interspersed with 10 minute acupuncture mini-sessions. When you have the acupuncture points in, you are not moving or stretching, but instead just relaxing in “corpse pose” on your yoga mat! The acupuncture points that Elmira chooses for you are excellent for relaxation, stress reduction, and overall general health. When you are stretching, Alex guides you through gentle yoga-like stretches for the whole body!

During our class, we want you to be comfortable, whether that means providing you with a bolster/pillow to make your back more comfortable or changing/modifying an exercise/stretch completely to fit your body, we are happy to make your experience a great one! This combination of stretching and acupuncture points is the perfect way to let go of not only your physical stress and tension of the body, but also the mind!
The stretching portion of the class is run by REP Physio’s Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist, Alex! She has LOTS of experience in stretching and exercise! Alex was a competitive gymnast growing up and then started coaching when she went to University. Alex’s gymnastics experience shines through in most of her classes, whether that is a relaxing stretching class or an intense boot camp! Gymnastics was one of the biggest reasons Alex went to the University of Alberta to get her Kinesiology undergrad degree. She is very interested in the human body and how it works and performs! After completing her undergrad degree, Alex started working at REP Physio alongside our wonderful Physiotherapists and found her love for Personal Training. Very similar to gymnastics, Personal Training allows her to help clients looking to improve their performance and health. All of this allows Alex to cater to clients who have injuries they need to work around!

The acupuncture portion of the class is run by REP Physio’s Registered Acupuncturist, Elmira. She has been practising acupuncture since 2007, when she graduated from MacEwan University after a degree in biology at the University of Saskatchewan. When she was in the acupuncture program at MacEwan she travelled to China for a month and completed an internship with Heze Medical College. She toured several hospitals and attended lectures on many subjects. Elmira is interested in treating all types of conditions with acupuncture using Traditional Chinese Medicine and provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere for all her patients.

Come on in and join Alex and Elmira at their next 2 Acupuncture-Stretch Classes on March 7th and 21st at our Westbrook location (23 Fairway Drive, Edmonton) from 3-4:30pm. Drop-in fee is $25 + GST and please bring your own yoga mat.

*If you have never tried acupuncture before, please come in a few minutes early to talk with Elmira so she can explain how everything works and make sure you are comfortable with everything.

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