January 23


Edmonton is a winter city. We have many different options for activity during the cold winter months, including walking/running the river valley system, fat biking, skating, and skiing and snowboarding.

Warming up for outdoor activity is an important part of the routine. A dynamic warmup can help to increase heart rate, blood flow, warm up muscles, which all help to prevent injury. With 3 ski hills in Edmonton’s immediate vicinity, we thought we’d give some tips on some dynamic warm-ups for skiing and snowboarding…


  • Support yourself with your poles and swing one leg back and forth 10 times – then switch legs and repeat
  • Hold both poles together, then hold with arms shoulder width apart and rotate arms in a circle overhead (“around the world”) – after 3 rotations, alternate direction and repeat


  • Out of your bindings, support yourself with your board, and swing one leg back and forth 10 times – then switch legs and repeat
  • Standing with feet hip width apart, perform 10 arm circles forward and then 10 arm circles backwards

If you, however, forgo the warm-up or have an epic fall, and injure yourself, give us a call and we’ll get you fixed up!

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