Bracing Services

Edmonton Bracing Services: Support Your Muscles and Tendons

A common injury we treat at REP Physio is "tennis elbow." If you are suffering from elbow pain, take our quiz to see how much you know about causes and treatment options!

Braces available at REP Physio

REP Physio is pleased to carry the full line of Don Joy braces. Whether you are recovering from an acute injury, are post-surgical, have a chronic injury or looking to minimize pain and dysfunction while staying active, a brace can significantly help you move and perform better.  We carry both custom and non-custom braces for most types of sport injuries, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and body areas (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, ankle, foot etc.). 


We also offer free no obligation brace consults. Oftentimes, a brace is not necessarily needed and you may get better results with exercise alone. If you’re not a brace candidate, we’ll tell you. If we cannot get you the brace you need, we will often refer out as we only want the best possible outcomes for all our clients. No high-pressure sales here, just the best possible care to help you move, perform and live better.

Many health care plans cover the costs (or a portion of) a custom brace. Usually, they will require a letter stating what the brace materials are and what it will be used for. We do not direct bill brace costs to extended health care providers/plans.

Please contact your extended health care providers to determine your brace coverage.

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