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Custom Foot Orthotics in Edmonton: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right provider for your custom foot orthotics is essential for effective outcomes. REP Physio in Edmonton is proud to offer custom foot orthotics made by Aaron Stadnick, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist (C. Ped (C)). 

What is a C. Ped (C)?

C. Ped (C)’s are one of the only allied health professionals with training in both the design and fabrication of custom foot orthotics. Although other health care providers can dispense orthotics (physiotherapists, chiropractors etc.) most lack the technical expertise and manufacturing skills to properly do so.

Additionally, unlike custom foot orthotics being dispensed by other health care providers, your foot measurements are not sent away to be manufactured by a third party. Rather, at REP Physio in Edmonton, Aaron designs and creates every aspect of your custom foot orthotics from start to finish. This ensures quality control can be strictly monitored.  Moreover, Aaron is readily available to make any adjustments to your custom orthotics “in-house” in a timely fashion.

How does a foot orthotics appointment work?

A typical appointment with Aaron includes a footwear analysis, a thorough biomechanical analysis of your foot and ankle, and an assessment of your gait pattern.  It will also include a discussion of any modifiable lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your foot pain.

Aaron’s appointments typically take 45 minutes; allowing for a thorough evaluation and assessment of your orthotic needs.

Foot orthotics that work

Aaron’s goal with all his clients is to provide knowledgeable insight alongside effective treatment. All of Aaron’s foot orthoses are custom made from a 3D foam impression. This is a quick and effective method at capturing the contour and nuances of the foot.

Thermo-mouldable materials such as plastic or EVA provide structural support to the orthotic, with varying options available based on foot type and condition. With a custom orthotic designed by Aaron, bony prominences, calluses, or lesions/wounds can be offloaded/accommodated to redistribute painful pressure.

Technical and material knowledge and fitting/manufacturing experience is what sets pedorthists apart from other providers. For the client, this offers efficient delivery of custom foot orthotics tailored precisely for their unique needs.

What do foot orthotics in Edmonton cost?

With an average cost of around $500, price may be a barrier to custom foot orthotics. In this case, Aaron is happy to provide his clients with guidance, education, and additional options before recommending a custom device. By listening and understanding your primary concern, Aaron is able to develop a practical treatment plan that best meets the needs of his clients. This may include new shoes with specific features, “off the shelf “devices, or referral to other healthcare providers. In the case of custom foot orthotics, Aaron is approved to dispense through extended health care insurance providers such as Blue Cross, Greenshield, Sunlife and others. However, some plans may require a doctor’s prescription for reimbursement. Additionally some plans will not cover custom foot orthotics if dispensed by a physiotherapist or chiropractor etc.

Make a foot orthotics appointment today!

Edmonton is at the heart of Aaron’s orthotic manufacturing business. He looks forward to helping you with your orthotic needs.

Aaron is currently consulting with clients at REP Physio’s Summerside and Westbrook locations. To book an appointment with Aaron, please contact either of REP Physio’s locations at info@repphysio.ca or via phone at 780-244-1095.

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