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"Great service, they really helped me with my lingering knee issues after a patella fracture. Knowledgeable staff helped me understand the problem fully and we put into action the plan to remedy it. And direct billing was fully covered, so no submitting claims after the fact!”


Jeffery Foss

"Such an awesome physio clinic. Had never done physio in my life, and was nervous because I wanted to find someone who actually cared and explained everything to me. I’ve had Nicole a few times and she is amazing! You can tell she really cares about her patients. Highly recommend this place!”


Nicole Murdoch

“Absolutely fantastic staff here! They’ve really helped me out through a tough stretch of injury. If something wasn’t working out, Leah would change it up for me or give me a completely new exercise to try instead! Absolutely love it here! Thank you to all the staff at REP Physio Summerside!”


Kingsley Chan

“Uplifting place and experience! Staff were all super friendly and felt like lifelong pals. Super cool to watch the physio to figure out what the heck was wrong with my knee. I’m just so impressed with their depth of knowledge and communication of that knowledge.”


Jeffery Tao


Recover from your injury with the help of REP Physio

Knee braces

Provide additional support and stability for a variety of injuries, such as repetitive strain, traumatic injuries, or knee osteoarthritis.

Elbow braces

Lift heavier objects by limiting the amount of load placed on your injured tendons and muscles (with less pain).

Wrist braces

Recover from painful injuries by stabilizing the wrist joint, minimizing pain, and improving clinical outcomes.

Ankle braces

Improve your strength and range of motion with all the compression and proprioceptive feedback you need for additional compression and stability.

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The fit you need. No assembly required.

  • Sleeves provide light compression for stability and minor swelling while allowing full range of motion (work best for a snug and comfortable fits under your clothing)
  • Wrap braces serve a similar purpose to sleeves but is wrapped on by straps and/or velcro (work best when you need a little more adjustability compared to a sleeve)
  • Splints include a mix of both soft and hard materials (work best for rehabilitating serious injuries, such as broken bones, severe sprains and post-surgical recovery)

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The road to recovery goes through REP Physio (and DonJoy braces).

  • DonJoy Defiance III
  • DonJoy A 22
  • DonJoy Armour
  • DonJoy OA Defiance

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