Do you have stiff, painful knees or hips?

Rep Physio is excited to offer the GLA:D® program, designed to provide you with techniques and education that support a better lifestyle while managing the pain that so many Canadians live with. Knee and hip pain can be better managed with this program from GLA:D™ Canada – a 7-to-8 week program of education and exercises. Research from GLA:D (Good Living with Arthritis Denmark) in Denmark shows participants report less pain, reduced use of pain killers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active.

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Call or email our physiotherapist, Jack, at or call our Westbrook location at 780 244 1095 for consultation and booking.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any person of any age diagnosed by a primary health care provider with hip or knee osteoarthritis (X-rays are not required). Some individuals with other health complications/co-morbidities may not be a GLA:D candidate.

When does it start? How long is it?

Monday October 19 – Friday December 4, 2020. Classes are held Monday and Friday at 11 a.m. Class duration is approximately 1 hour. The program includes 2 90-minute education classes and 12 exercise classes of 60 minutes in duration.

Where is it happening?

GLA:D is being run out of our Westbrook location at 23 Fairway Dr. NW. There is free street and parking lot parking. There are no stairs to gain access to our facility. It is wheelchair accessible

What is the cost?

The total cost of the program is $500. GLA:D sessions are billed on a per class basis. It works out to $35.72/session.

Is it billable to my extended health plan?

Yes. GLA:D sessions are billable to your extended health care plan as the education and exercise sessions are individually tailored and led by a registered physiotherapist.

Is it covered by Alberta Health Services?

No. GLA:D is not covered by AHS. However, your extended health care (EHC) plan my provide coverage for this. Please contact your EHC provider to determine your coverage.

How do I sign up?

Please call us at 780 244 1095 to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited. Our registered physiotherapist will then contact you to ensure you are an appropriate fit for the GLA:D program.

Should I be concerned about taking the GLA:D program during a pandemic?

REP Physio meets all guidelines currently set out by the CMOH with proper hygiene and social distancing in place. In the event that we are unable to provide the GLA:D program within the clinic, sessions can be done online.

What if I’m interested in the GLA:D program, but I have not been officially diagnosed with osteoarthritis?

No problem. Contact us at 780 244 1095. Our physiotherapist that is running the program can assess you in person and determine if you are a candidate for GLA:D. The assessment cost for admission to the GLA:D program is $80. This is not required if you already have a clinical diagnosis of arthritis by a primary health care provider.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

Please contact our physiotherapist Jack at or our Westbrook location at 780 244 1095.


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#104, 1103 95th St SW, Edmonton, AB


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23 Fairway Dr. NW, Edmonton, AB

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