Concussion, Sports Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Concussion symptoms can interfere with work, sport, scholastic and social activities. Fortunately, most concussion injuries tend to resolve within 1-4 weeks.  During that time it is critical that the concussed individual be managed appropriately to ensure the best possible outcomes. At REP Physio, we work with closely with the injured athlete, their coaches and family members to help them understand their injury and provide an appropriate, evidence-based, stepwise return to work/sport/school program.  Our therapist(s) have taken additional training with R2P Concussion Management(R) to learn the latest techniques for identifying and managing concussions and post-concussion syndrome.

For the small number of concussed individuals who do not recover within the first month post-injury, we provide a comprehensive assessment in order to determine the level of musculoskeletal impairment that may be contributing to ongoing symptoms. This includes an examination of the vertebrobasilar system, inner ear (vestibular), cervical spine and balance.  If the assessment suggests that ongoing symptoms may require cognitive and/or behavioural management (outside the scope of physiotherapy) we will happily refer elsewhere.

At REP Physio, we do not do baseline/pre-season concussion testing (nor do we recommend it). We do not use a proprietary/licensed assessment technique or tool that requires a cost per use payable to the proprietor of the technique.  This way there is no confusion about who we are working for.  Moreover, recent Canadian guidelines about baseline testing have found that “Baseline testing of youth and adult recreational athletes using any tool or combination of tools is not required to provide post-injury care of those who sustained suspected or diagnosed concussion. Baseline testing is not recommended in youth athletes regardless of the sport or level of play. Current evidence does not support a significant added benefit of baseline testing in youth athletes or adult recreational athletes with the Child SCAT5, SCAT 5, or computerized neurocognitive tests. Therefore, baseline testing of youth athletes or adult recreational athletes to assist in the medical management of those with a diagnosed concussion is not necessary and is not recommended at this time.”- Parachute Canada 2017

REP Physio does work with sports teams.  Rather than doing baseline testing, we provide functional movement screens and conditioning assessments at pre-season to identify any movement impairments or imbalances that may pre-dispose athletes to a time-loss injury from sport.  We then provide exercise programs to maximize functiona while minimizing injury risk.  For more information on how we can help your team, email us at

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