Meet the staff at our Summerside Edmonton and Westbrook Edmonton locations.


Miles Morgan

Miles Morgan is the owner of REP Physio. His treatment philosophy is simple: Whatever your physio/fitness/wellness/health/rehab goal is, he will do whatever he can to help you achieve it. If he can’t help you, he’ll do whatever he can to find someone who can.  Miles is passionate about health, wellness, movement excellence, and sports performance. When it comes to rehab, Miles prides himself on keeping his clients as active as possible as they recover from injury. You won’t find him using the words “don’t” or “stop” very often when it comes to his rehab plans. He also understands that injury can impact all facets of your life, and he hopes to help all his clients avoid the injury “baditude”.  Miles is a certified personal trainer. He also has experience working with oncology patients through the Cross Cancer Institute. On his days off, Miles can be found doing Cross Fit , hanging out with his amazing wife and two kids and training for Ironman Canada 2020.

Education: Miles graduated from the University of Alberta in 2009 with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. He also completed a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) in 2006. Miles has taken continuing education that has focused on orthopedics, acupuncture (CAFCI), intramuscular dry needling (Kinetacore and Gunn IMS), running analysis, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Systems (FMS), spinal manipulation, concussion management, and TMJ related disorders among many others.

Clinical Designations: Miles is authorized to perform spinal manipulation, refer for diagnostic imaging (X-ray, ultrasound and MRI), and use dry needles in practice. 

Sports/Activity Background: Ironman Finisher x3, marathons, triathlons, Cross Fit, mountain biking

Miles is available Monday Wednesday Friday a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday p.m.

Alanna Scammell

Alanna believes in the benefits of physical health and fitness for people of all ages. Her treatment outlook is to enable people to be active at any level to assist in mitigating the risks of chronic diseases and staying active in the future.  Alanna refined her assessment and treatment skills through her involvement in various sports throughout her academic career. Prior to finishing physiotherapy, she worked as a Certified Athletic Therapist with the University of Manitoba Track & Field team and various local rugby, basketball, hockey and wrestling teams.

Education: Alanna graduated from the University of Alberta in 2017 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to this degree, she attended the University of Manitoba where she completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology in Athletic Therapy and licensed as a certified athletic therapist CAT(C).  Her continued education has focused in developing her manual therapy skills through the Canadian Orthopedic Division Level I-III (upper and lower body) courses and implementing dry needling in her practice through the Kinetacore Level I/II certifications. Additionally, Alanna is also licensed as a Women’s Health/Pelvic Health therapist and is trained to address issues including incontinence, pelvic pain, and prenatal and postpartum care.

Clinical Designations: Alanna is authorized to use dry needles in practice, perform spinal manipulations, and perform internal exams.  

Sports/Activity Background:  Growing up, Alanna was involved in many sports including basketball, volleyball, rugby and soccer, and coached both rugby and basketball at the varsity level.  Alanna played for the University of Alberta Pandas Rugby team and is now competing at a national level in Olympic weightlifting.

Alanna is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday p.m., and Tuesday Thursday a.m. at our Summerside clinic for orthopedic care and Tuesday p.m. for Women’s Health.  Alanna can be reached at


Carolyn Leibel

Carolyn takes a holistic approach to her orthopedic treatment; learning a patient’s goals is imperative to developing a treatment plan and listening to a patient helps determine treatment on a case by case, and day to day basis.  In regard to her women’s health clients, whether you pee a little when you sneeze, pee 30 times a day, or have pelvic pain, she will work with you to help you. Carolyn uses a variety of treatment techniques to help solve your pelvic issues, including biofeedback, acupuncture or dry needling, bladder retraining, or manual therapy.  During her time off, Carolyn enjoys spending time with her two young children and husband. While in Edmonton, they enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. Carolyn and her family also enjoy traveling the world as often as they can. 

Education: Carolyn graduated from University of Alberta in 2009 with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy.  Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Distinction in 2005.  Carolyn was trained at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women as a women’s health pelvic physiotherapist in 2010. She has also taken continuing education in Advanced Orthopedics, Spinal Manipulations, Acupuncture (CAFCI), and Functional Dry Needling, and Vestibular rehabilitation among other ongoing education courses.

Clinical Designations: Carolyn is authorized to perform spinal manipulation, refer for diagnostic imaging (X-ray, ultrasound and MRI), and use dry needles in practice. 

Sports/Activity Background: Carolyn played a variety of recreational sports throughout her life.  She has completed a half marathon, and now currently enjoys leading an active lifestyle through biking, workouts, and cross country skiing among other activities.

Carolyn is our clinic manager at Westbrook.  She is available Tuesday and Thursday mornings for orthopedic physio plus Monday and Wednesday for women’s pelvic health at our Westbrook clinic.

Kristine Fairbanks

As a physiotherapist, Kristine takes a hands-on approach to treatment. Using manual therapy and needling to get you moving, then exercise and strengthening to make you strong and stable, her goal is to get you back to your activity/sport/life.  When she’s not working Kristine spends as much of her time as possible outdoors with her 2 young children and husband. You’ll find them on the ski or toboggan hill, or at the park or summerside beach.

Education: Kristine graduated in 2010 with her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. She has completed postgraduate training in Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Women’s Health, Vestibular/Vertigo and is certified in Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling. She has completed courses in Pilates, spinal and peripheral manipulation, mobilization of muscle, power lifting and resistance training, KinesioTaping and children’s yoga.

Clinical Designations: Kristine is authorized to perform spinal manipulation and use dry needles in practice. She treats Women’s/Pelvic health issues and Vestibular or Vertigo.

Sports/Activity Background: Kristine played soccer, basketball , volleyball, and cross country running growing up and now loves to be active and enjoys playing basketball, CrossFit, lifting, running, and Yoga.

Kristine is available for orthopedic physiotherapy Monday and Wednesday a.m. and vestibular and women’s pelvic health on Tuesday and Thursday a.m. at our Summerside clinic.

Lindsay Thompson
Lindsay is an experienced, knowledgeable and professional physiotherapist who strives to provide his clients with high-value care. His goal is to empower you to achieve the best results possible, whether that be returning to the sport you love or being able to lift your child pain-free. During a treatment with Lindsay, you can expect a thorough assessment and the formulation of an evidence-based treatment plan in line with your goals.  He places a strong emphasis on professional development and to that end, he continues to train in post graduate courses.  Lindsay also works closely with the University of Alberta as a Clinical Assistant Professor where he supervises physiotherapy students. When not at work, he loves spending time outdoors with his wife and 2 daughters. He is a keen mountain biker and trail runner and spends a lot of his free time on the trails in the river valley. Lindsay has a strong passion for physical activity which is evident in his approach to physiotherapy as well as in his personal life.
Education: Lindsay graduated from the University of Calgary with a BSc in Kinesiology in 2006 and completed his MSc in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2009. He has completed courses in manual therapy, manipulation, dry needling and acupuncture. Lindsay recently returned from Australia where he completed his Master of Clinical Physiotherapy majoring in Musculoskeletal Therapy from Curtin University in Perth.  This provided him with the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT).
Clinical Designations: Lindsay is authorized to perform spinal manipulation, refer for diagnostic imaging (X-ray, ultrasound and MRI), and use dry needles in practice.  
Sports/Activity Background: Lindsay enjoys skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.  He enters at least one mountain bike race yearly.  He played badminton at a collegiate level.
Lindsay is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday a.m. and Tuesday, Thursday p.m. at our Westbrook clinic.
Jack Whiting

Jack uses a combination of manual therapy, specific exercise prescription, education and modalities to treat his patients.  He employs a collaborative approach with his clients to identify specific goals in order to help them return to the activity.  He has practiced in Alberta since graduating in both Calgary and Edmonton. He has primarily worked in private practice with a keen interest in knee and lumbar spine injuries.  When Jack is not in the clinic you will probably find him rock climbing at one the many indoor bouldering walls, playing soccer or basketball.  Jack also likes to snowshoe and snowboard in the winter months.

Education:  Jack graduated from the University of Calgary in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with distinction, and then from the University of Alberta in 2017 with a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy.  Jack has gone on to complete further education including Mckenzie Part A/B along with ImPACT concussion training. He has completed his training in functional dry needling, shockwave therapy, and peripheral manipulations. 

Clinical Designations: Jack is authorized to use dry needles in practice. 

Sports/Activity Background: Jack played for a premier league youth soccer team in England, team Ontario volleyball, and basketball and track and field while in school.  He now stays active through a variety of different activities. 

Jack is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday p.m. at our Westbrook clinic, and all day on Tuesday and Thursdays and our Summerside clinic.

Massage Therapy

Robert Brown

Rob is a grateful, open-minded entrepreneur, always thankful for the opportunity’s life presents, Holistic Nutrition enthusiast, health, fitness and wellness oriented. Currently a practicing Registered Massage Therapist, with an interest in Holistic Nutrition.  He believes that health and wellness, in the realm of physical, spiritual and mental are the best investments you can make for the future YOU.

Robert Brown is a graduate of MaKami College, in the 3000 hour Advanced Course in Clinical Massage Therapy, competent in Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Myofascial techniques, PNF stretches and NMT. Upon graduation, Robert successfully completed Advanced Orthopedic Massage Training, with The Center for Pain Management and Orthopedic Massage Seminar in Complicated Pain Management.

Robert is available Monday to Saturday at our Summerside clinic.

Bev McLachlin

Bev’s  interest in anatomy and human movement, combined with her strong passion for helping others, led her a career as a registered massage therapist.  In her spare time, she enjoys the sun as much as possible in Alberta by going cycling (nothing crazy), and kayaking (sometimes really crazy). 

Bev graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage in 2013.  Bev’s expansive skill set includes deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint  mobilization, sports massage, cupping, as well as maternity and relaxation massage.  Bev is also a certified Stamina(R) massage therapist.  This technique focuses on aligning muscles in order to maximize mobility and function. 

Bev is also trained in RAPID Neurofascial Release (NFR).  RAPID NFR is a new soft tissue, movement based, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous system’s role in alleviating pain, tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons,ligaments, fascia and nerves

Bev is available Monday to Saturday at our Summerside clinic.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is a Jamaican born and raised Aquarius whose passions lie in health and wellness. After being in this country for a few years, Andrew found his calling in massage therapy.  Intrigued by the human body and all its intricacies, his desire for understanding grew, coupled with interests in nutrition, exercise and yoga, Andrew has discovered that if we truly learn how to care for our bodies, they, in turn, will care for us.

Andrew is a 3000 hour registered massage therapist and a member of the natural health practitioners of Canada (NHPC).  He provides Swedish relaxation, Deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point, PNF stretching and active release.

Andrew is available Monday to Thursday p.m. at our Westbrook clinic, and Monday, Wednesday a.m. and Friday p.m. at our Summerside clinic.

Emily Dirk

Emily Dirk has a spark for life and is passionate about the mind body and soul. The balance and connection between these three are the key to a balanced lifestyle.

Emily received her advanced massage therapy diploma with honors from CDI in 2009 and has been practicing sports based massage ever since. Her skillset includes deep tissues massage, myofascial techniques, PNF stretching, pre- natal, TMJD treatments, MVA, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, and active release.

In 2018 Emily received her Reiki Masters accreditation and also in 2020 became a certified yoga instructor. Through these three modalities Emily is really able to empower her clients in not only their body but their every day life.

In her spare time Emily enjoys golf, ballet and snowboarding.  She works Tuesday/Thursday mornings and Wednesday evening at our Westbrook location.


Elmira Olson
Registered Acupuncturist

Elmira Olson completed the three-year Acupuncture Program at MacEwan University in 2006. As part of this program she participated in an optional one month internship in China where she received first-hand training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Elmira’s goal is to provide a calm and compassionate environment in which you can achieve better health and well-being. She believes acupuncture is an excellent tool to treat issues that concern you now, as well as being a preventative treatment to improve your health in the future.

Elmira has integrated additional training in prenatal acupuncture, motor point therapy for muscle and joint pain, and cosmetic acupuncture into her practice.  She also has further training in gua sha, a technique often used in Traditional Chinese medicine to complement acupuncture.  Prior to completing her acupuncture diploma, Elmira obtained an Honours degree in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan.

You can find additional information about acupuncture at

Elmira is available at both the Westbrook and Summerside locations throughout the week.


Sabina Valentine

As a Registered Dietician, Sabina specializes in weight management, eating for exercise and athletic performance, and corporate wellness.

Sabina has worked as a Registered Dietitian since 2002 (consulting and working as a Clinical Dietitian), and has taught Nutrition at the University of Alberta since 2000.  Sabina studied Dietetics at the University of Alberta after completing two Master’s Degrees in Nutrition at the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta.

Sabina has also been very involved in athletics where she has competed with the National Triathlon Team a number of times.  In her spare time, Sabina enjoys being active, spending time with family, and travelling.

Sabina is available by appointment only.

Personal Training/Kinesiology

Alex Broderick
B. Kin

Alex grew up as an avid sports lover, competitive gymnast, and volleyball player; which lead her to taking her degree in Kinesiology.  Alex graduated from the University of Alberta in November 2017 from the Bachelor of Kinesiology program. She has also completed her personal training certification with CSEP.  She has lots of experience coaching gymnastics and loves to be upside down having fun!

Alex loves working with both children and adults to share her love of fitness and exercise.  In her free time, Alex loves to work out, hang out with friends and family, and go camping in the summertime.

Alex currently works with the physiotherapists at our Summerside location as a kinesiologist, with her own clients at both locations as a Personal Trainer, as well as running boot camps from both locations.



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