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Also known as "clinical interventions," our services are the therapies, programs, and education we provide to help you get back to living your best life. We offer Edmonton physio, massage, acupuncture, Gunn IMS, functional dry needling, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, pelvic health physiotherapy, shockwave, pediatric physiotherapy and much more.   

All services provided are based on your needs – you may not know exactly what you need, but we will discuss with you and help you build an active, evidence-based program that meets your goals. All services are provided by our in-house experts at our Westbrook or Summerside locations.  

Whiplash Rehabilitation & Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Injured in a car accident? Whether you were the driver, a passenger, or pedestrian we will rehabilitate your injuries and return you to function with care plans and interventions based on the latest medical evidence.

Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS) / Functional Dry Needling

Often referred to as a “westernized approach” to acupuncture, these needling techniques use principles of modern medicine to help restore muscle length, normalize nerve function and decrease pain. 

Edmonton Sports Physiotherapy

Get the physiotherapy and rehabilitation you need to treat your sport injury or knee-specific injury. REP Physio specializes in ensuring athletes can get back to the track, field, mountain, or pool with a full suite of sport-injury specific strategies.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy & Women’s Health

We offer physiotherapy services specifically for women’s health and pelvic health. These one on one, private sessions are designed to help resolve the pain and various pelvic dysfunction often experienced by individuals of all ages, including new moms and moms to be.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a high energy acoustic wave that targets the body's soft tissues (muscle, tendons, fascia etc.  This energy promotes tissue regeneration and the body's own reparative process. Shockwave Therapy is supported by research evidence and provided at both of our Edmonton Physio locations.

Bracing Services

REP Physio is pleased to carry the full line of Don Joy® braces.  Whether you are recovering from an acute injury, are post-surgical, have a chronic injury or looking to minimize pain and dysfunction while staying active, a brace can significantly help you move and perform better.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

If you were injured at work, come see us for your physiotherapy needs. Our physiotherapists will get you back at work as quickly and safely as possible using an active approach to care.  We can also guide you through the WCB claims process.

Concussion, Sports Concussion & Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Concussions are typically caused by a direct blow to the head, face, neck or arm. Concussions occur in most sports with the highest incidence in football, hockey, rugby, basketball and soccer.  They can also occur in motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall type injuries.

Edmonton Post COVID-19 Rehab

Have you recovered from COVID-19, but are still suffering from post-COVID symptoms?

Learn more about what these symptoms are and how REP Physio is working to provide rehabilitation support to patients in their post-COVID recovery in Edmonton.

Registered Dietitian

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your power to weight ratio, or have questions about a healthy eating plan, look no further than our registered dietitian.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of the body’s soft-tissues, which aids in alleviating discomfort associated with injury, occupational and emotional stresses, chronic pain and diseases, and the “wear and tear” of activities of daily living.


Acupuncture is an ancient technique that uses needles inserted into specific points of the body (acupuncture points) to stimulate natural healing, restore balance, improve body function, decrease pain, and release endorphins. Acupuncture treatments are provided in a private room in a one on one setting.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and vertigo are among the most common symptoms that send people to see their physician. Many vertigo and dizziness symptoms come from a dysfunction of the vestibular organ, which is a small but important structure in your inner ear. Patients can experience spinning (vertigo), dizziness, nausea, imbalance, problems with vision, and light-headedness, anxiety, among other debilitating symptoms.

GLA:D For Painful Knees Or Hips

REP Physio is excited to offer you a long term solution, the GLA:D® program, designed to provide you with techniques and education that will help you manage the pain.The GLA:D® program from GLA:D™ Canada is a 7-to-8 week program of exercises, education, and techniques to help you build a better lifestyle when you suffer from knee or hip pain.

Edmonton Foot Orthotics

Choosing the right provider for your custom foot orthotics is essential for effective outcomes. REP Physio in Edmonton if proud to offer custom foot orthotics made by Aaron Stadnick, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist (C. Ped (C)).

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Post-COVID rehab is available at REP Physio