July 26

Better Yoga Through Acupuncture

Better Yoga Through AcupunctureHave you ever thought about how acupuncture can improve your yoga? Together they are both highly beneficial practices that move the blood and energy (qi) in the body. Unfortunately, when we are hurt or recovering from exercise, qi and blood flow can stagnate resulting in the muscles becoming tight and torn during the healing process. Although yoga is a relatively gentle activity, it can still result in wrist injuries, neck pain, back pain, bruising of the muscles between the ribs, inner groin or thigh tears, overstretched hamstrings or joint pain. Good blood flow improves muscle healing after exercise or injury. When needles penetrate the muscles it encourages the qi and blood to go to the local area, allowing for a quicker recovery time. Needling can also enhance flexibility, which is a hot topic in yoga, especially with new practitioners. Contrary to popular opinion, flexibility is not a requirement for people who are new to yoga. However, it does put the practitioner at risk of pulling muscles. In order to advance in poses, the body must learn to be flexible. Acupuncture helps to release tight muscles thus allowing for maximum flexibility at any level.

Acupuncture is not only good for moving and performing better, it can help you live better as well. Regular sessions are effective at treating women’s health, digestive disorders and stress. Acupuncture can regulate your cycle, reduce bloating and help with cramping so that you can get back onto your mat as soon as possible.

As any active person will tell you, diet and proper rest are key to a healthy lifestyle. Acupuncture is great at treating a wide range of digestive and sleeping disorders. Regular treatments ensure your body is operating at its optimal level.

Finally, if your yoga sessions have a spiritual element to them, acupuncture can complement your practice. Yoga has been shown to bring the brain waves down from beta to alpha and theta levels. This means that not only will you be feeling very relaxed and have reduced stress, you will also have the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself and meditate.

As you can see, acupuncture can help treat a diverse range of illnesses related to your yoga practice. The best part is that acupuncture doesn’t treat just one issue it can treat the whole body simultaneously, so you don’t have to choose between treating a knee injury and insomnia. It can do both at the same time. Book an appointment today to help your body be at its best.


Resolve to Move Better. Resolve to Perform Better. Resolve to Live Better.

— Jocelyn Beek, R. Ac.

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