February 10

Popular Myths Surrounding Low Back Pain: What are the Facts? (Part 2)


Low Back Pain Myths - Model

Here are 5 more myths the the related facts surrounding low back pain (LBP).



Part 2



Poor posture when sitting and standing and poor lifting technique causes LBP.


It is not possible to predict LBP based on spinal posture during sitting or standing or based on technique during lifting.



Having weak “core” muscles causes LBP and hence strengthening the “core” protects against future LBP.


A weak “core” does not cause LBP.  In fact some people with LBP often overtense their “core” muscles.  While it is good to build strength and stay strong, it is also good to be able to relax those muscles when they are not needed.



Repeated strain on the low back leads to tissue damage and “wear and tear”


Movement and loading of the spine is safe and actually builds tolerance to better withstand future demands.  But remember, just like anything else, those loads must be built up gradually!



Flare ups of LBP are the result of structural damage.


Often changes in activity, stress and mood are the cause of LBP and not tissue damage.



LBP must be treated with strong medications, injections and surgery.


Effective treatment for low back pain includes: education that promotes a positive mindset and is tailored to the patient’s needs, engagement in meaningful physical activity and exercise, participating in social activities, healthy sleep habits, optimum body weight, remaining in employment.  A trained physiotherapist is an excellent resource for all of the above!


Hopefully this has been helpful and provided some much needed clarity surround low back pain.  As always, feel free to contact us at REP with any further questions or to schedule a consult with one of our physiotherapists.


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Sourced from: P O’Sullivan, JP Caneiro, K O’Sullivan, I Lin, S Bunzli, K Wernli, M O’Keefe Back to Basics: 10 Facts Every Person Should Know About Back Pain. BJSM. 2019.


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